2018 Santa Cruz Nomad

It’s no surprise to hear Santa Cruz launch a new Nomad, it’s the model that’s been a while without a revamp. With a step up in travel, it opens the gap between the Bronson and Nomad a little. There’s a new linkage design, slinging the shock way down like a V10. Looks pretty dang fine in my humble opinion!

We’ll add more details as they’re confirmed, but here’s the important bits;

– 170mm travel frame
– Choice of coil or air shock
– Low slung shock design, much like the V10
– Adjustable shock chip to fine tune geometry
– Small-XL sizes
Juliana Strega equivalent model, in XS, Small, Medium

In terms of models, as with the rest of the range we see a range of Carbon C Bikes alongside Carbon CC frames or bikes.

Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon C R Kit£4300
Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon C S Kit£5000
Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon C XE Kit£5600

The XE build is a new version for the Nomad, with XT drivetrain and brakes, Carbon bar and the RCT3 version of the Lyrik fork.

Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon CC Frame£3200
Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon CC X01 Eagle kit£6400
Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon CC XX1 Eagle kit£6800

We’re accepting preorders now, with delivery due from July. If you’re keen, don’t delay – getting an order in earlier will get you higher up the queue.

We’re offering 5% off on all preorders. 10% deposit to secure your order, with the rest payable once the bike/frame is collected/shipped to you.

Click here to contact us!

We’ll aim to get the full details of these bikes added to the webshop ASAP, but in the meantime you can call or email us to order. Get in quick and you’ll be higher up the list, I can’t stress that enough!


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A sweet little bike shop in Hope, Derbyshire, the Peak District. This is a dumping ground for news and photos - a feed for our forthcoming iPhone app.

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